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Welcome to Koolknobs!


Koolknobs Brand products have moved to wholesale only, and somewhat semi-retired at that! So many grandkids, so little time... The samples pages on the site show some of the many projects I've made. I'll answer emails, though...



Koolknobs products are durable, unique and can be matched exactly to the style of knob you want for your vehicle. Koolknobs are created from acrylic resin cast in CNC machined molds. I can engrave shift patterns, names, and some CAD images into your knob, place a pin or photo image inside, or create a swirl pattern, making it truly one of a kind. Want to know more? Feel free to look at the samples and the new products pages. I am always coming up with new techniques I can use to make my product better.


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Before you email, please see the How to Order page; it'll save us both a lot of effort.

Email Bruce Roosa: (Subject line: shifter knob. I don't open an email without something similar.) In your email, please include the year, make and model of the vehicle!